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Challenges in Recruitment and How HireInventiv Saves You?

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Challenges in recruitment, and how HireInventiv saves you?
November 18, 2019

What are the biggest set of challenges that you being an HR professional face while hiring a candidate? Well, making hundreds of calls a day, reviewing resumes for hours and lining up interviews are to name a few pains that only a recruiter can best understand. And even after doing everything, some of the candidates don’t even bother to go for the interview.

What if we tell you that HireInventiv can do all this on your behalf? Yes, you read it right. 

In most scenarios, HRs first search resumes and tries to find the best-suited candidates for the profile followed by scheduling the interview. Now, your technical team will take the face-to-face round and check if the candidate is the best fit for the job. And if he or she is not, all your time and effort are wasted in one go. 

It is here where HireInventiv plays its role. We’re India’s most innovative firm when it comes to team augmentation. Using our innovative filtering engine, we provide companies with pre-vetted candidates. So, in a scenario where you would have started from 100, you start from 30 screened and technically interviewed candidates. This helps in reducing the hiring cycle, saving a lot of your valuable time which could be utilised to grow your business.


Now, with HireInventiv by your side, you can sit back and relax as we are here to search candidates possessing the right skills required for the job. You might think that even we can do this. Yes, you can but what makes us different is our expertise lies in this field. We do intensive and in-depth research on the web and come with the BEST pool of candidates out of hundreds and thousands of profiles for your organisation. 


Posting a job could be easy but filtering right candidates amidst hordes of applications of potential aspirants is one of the most laborious tasks for any company. The filtering process of HireInventiv is something which is rigorous, robust and technically proven at the same time. Our team of fervent professionals is so good at filtering the job seekers that they come up with just 20-30 candidates by the end of the process.

This works in this way: For any job posting, you will find 300-400 applicants. After searching, it will give you nearly 200 applicants. Now if you apply advanced or secondary filters, the count will reduce to just 20. So, in this way, HireInventive saves your lot of time and screen-in only the relevant applications for the next stage of the interview process.


Another way HireInventiv saves you in the recruitment process is the screening of the candidates. As it is the final step of the recruitment process, we do it meticulously with the utmost care. The candidates whose application gets passed from our filtering process are then examined by our team of technical partners, who themselves have years of experience in their respective fields. This way your organisation will have to interview candidates who are pre-vetted and come with most chances of selection.

HireInventiv is one such establishment that is first of its kind in the country. You can find consultancies who can do the same, but what makes us different is our technically pre-vetted filtration process. No consultancy in the country has technical partners who scrutinise the candidates before promoting them for the further rounds.