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What is BreezingMinds?
October 15, 2020

Were you out of the 12.5 lakh who lost their job during the covid-19 pandemic? Companies across all domains were forced to lay their resources for the sole purpose of their survival. On one side, there was an outflow of people writing on LinkedIn about how they lost their jobs and on the other was news about companies firing their employees.

Jobs have always been there to those who deserve it. As Albert Einstein said, “You cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree”, we at Breezing Minds believe there is a Right Job for every Right Candidate. Our idea is very simple, we partner with companies to help them reach out to the right candidate for their open positions. For that, we have created an online portal which would allow professionals to sign up and create a profile, get tested on their skill sets by our internal panel members and look for positions that suit their profile. 

Getting Started with BreezingMinds

The whole process begins with an initial conversation with our specialist HR professionals whose main aim is to get basic details about your current employment status and get an idea about what your dream job looks like. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an opportunity or not, one thing that this covid period has taught us is that nothing is certain. By the turn of a simple button, you could shift to an ‘actively looking’ status and the recruiters would get informed about your availability. 

At BreezingMinds our team consists of people who have previously worked in the IT sector and has experience from business to recruitment to delivery. Right from generating the business to its execution, recruitment is the most vital part that keeps the company growing. 

It All Starts with Profile Creation

The worst thing that might happen after registering with could be us reaching out to you on a fine Sunday afternoon to inform you about a job opening. 😛 

The recruiters on the other side have a self accessed portal which allows them to look at profiles and shortlist relevant candidates based on their work experience, projects they have worked on and what their monetary expectations. On an average to fill one position, a recruiter needs to have at least three profiles who are in the offer stage. To get to that point based on the number of rounds, assuming three rounds in total, a total of minimum 60-70 profiles would need to be screened from the first level. Assuming that the interview rounds are seamless and the lest of drops takes place, we are looking at the lead time of minimum 15 days to get a position filled. 

Here at Breezing Minds basis on the urgency of the position, we have profiles shortlisted from our own panel members with more than 10 years of experience in relevant technologies which brings the lead time to 3 days. Currently, we have a pool of more than 10,000 profiles who are in our database. All the rounds that they have cleared, assessments they have completed, all of that data allows for shift actions to be taken by the recruitment teams making the tedious process hassle-free. 

We are Not an HR Consultancy

Ask any recruitment manager who heads up a recruitment team at any IT-enabled or service-based organisation, their mailbox would be filled with proposals from several HR consultancies looking to provide them with ‘good’ or ‘strong’ developers to fill their positions. 

Recruitment is not Rocket Science. There frankly is only one step to Fastrack the whole process, and that is by having a strong pipeline of candidates who are looking for a job change and have relevant skill sets as per the job designation. Breezing Minds allows recruiters to post jobs online and our experts team of recruiters carry them along the process, making it an easy and seamless process of hiring the right candidate with the right skills.