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Why India needs major investment in L&D? - Breezing Minds

Why India needs major investment in L&D?
November 15, 2020

India is one of the emerging markets with exceptional growth potential. It is because of this fact that more and more industries across the world want to invest in the country. Thanks to the availability of affordable yet skilful human resources and appreciative government policies that things have immensely turned into its favour in recent years. But, in a time when many working professionals are excelling well in their career, there is a category which still struggles to get a job even after completing management and technical courses. There is another classification of professionals who, in their jobs, are working at salaries which is much less than their experience. So, where is the gap? It is in the skill they possess. In this post, we will discuss why India needs major investment in L&D space. Take a look.

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Inefficient College Curriculum

College curriculum in India lacks what it needs to be taught to survive in the market where there is a cut-throat competition everywhere. Our teachers tell us about everything from calculus equations and linear algebra to principles of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, but they never prepare us for the interviews. And due to this, there are numerous engineering graduates who are forced to sit idle at homes without any job. If India needs major investment in L&D space, it should definitely begin at the grassroots level. Our colleges have to look at the problem area and prepare students for the upcoming challenges, instead of coming out with graduates who are nothing less than spoon feeders.

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Lack of On Job Training

There is a very popular quote by Mahatma Gandhi Ji,

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Learning is the essence of life. If you stop learning new things, your life will not just become mundane, but will also make your skills obsolete in no time. Same is the case with the working professionals. Owing to the lack of training, employees either failed to complete the task assigned or take more time to accomplish it. Due to this, companies are forced to look for new recruits who can work on the project. This ultimately has ignited a debate that India needs major investment in L&D if it really wants to retain its position as an industry leader in the market.