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India Needs Upskilling In The IT Sector
May 20, 2020

The cast of skills required in today’s IT sector is changing quickly with the growth of technology and digitization at its full throttle.  Skilled employees are crucial not just to keep up with the technological drifts, but also to stay ahead of the competition. The need for automation has created fresh demands for Indian IT products and services, generating more jobs than it eliminates. the new jobs require eminent skills therefore India needs upskilling in the IT sector.

The market is changing every minute and the customers need the best-updated version of the technology. This has resulted provides a huge opportunity to upskill employees in newer technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, analytics, angular and react, augmented reality and virtual reality, DevOps, and blockchain.

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Why India needs upskilling in the IT sector?

Enhance Retention

Everyone wants to work in an organization that invests in its workers and their career development. Re-skilling ensures that employee’s skillsets won’t become obsolete. Investing in employees by upskilling shows them the care of the company towards them as well as their prestigious careers.

Upgrades Employability

It’s a need to upskill employees regularly in the Indian IT sector so that they can keep up with the changes in the IT industry. Being upskilled with the latest technologies will refine their employability outlook and job strength. The senior workforce should upskill with the evolving technology up-to-the-minute in order to make sure they are able to guide and mentor the freshly minted engineers to the best of their abilities

Morale Booster

The workforce which has proper training and is provided with personal development opportunities would always be beaming with the work they do for the company. This allows them to see a bright and accomplished future of their own with the company. The upskilled employees see the path clearer before it even appears and with it they remain enthusiastic and excited for the next project knowing that the company cares for them.

Vigorous Workforce

By upskilling the Indian IT workforce with newer technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, analytics, angular and react, augmented reality and virtual reality, DevOps, and blockchain they become vigorous. Vigorous of their capabilities, vigorous of the fact that they can compete with the very best and come out on top.   This results in a quick adaptation to the new business needs and market demands.

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Customer is the King 

No matter what the company produces, the thing that sells is the thing that customer wants, because we all know at the end.

“Customer is the king of the market.”

Customer satisfaction can only be fulfilled when the makers of the service or product are happy with their work They can only be happy with their work knowing they are the best and what they have produced is the best. It gives them a sense of working for a purpose, a purpose for the greater good Upskilling keeps the workforce up-to-date with the IT world, this allows them to serve the customers with the best recommendation and solutions ready to compete with the very best.