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The Effects Of COVID-19 On Colleges And Universities
May 28, 2020

There were times when studying abroad used to be a distant dream but now moving out of the house seems one too. Since March 16 all colleges and universities have been shut down temporarily with not so temporary effect. With no presence of students on the campus for more than two months, the effects of COVID-19 on colleges and universities have started emerging.

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The effects of COVID-19 on colleges and universities:

Virtual Is The New Real

Education can never be compromised especially in higher institutions and universities, everything is at stake for students. Stopping and not being able to learn or study wasn’t the solution, which gave rise to online classes for all. Technology has never failed to astonish us and in these times of difficulty it came out to be the most valuable showing fruitful results.

With no ground to play and no land to move on, colleges are focusing on health more during this pandemic. Yoga, aerobic, Zumba, etc. classes are conducted online. From special guests till informative webinars, the institutions are trying to bring the best to the students through online and virtual classes.

The Local Learning

In the golden era of their life that is college, all students want to have the time of their life. Keeping the world aside, looking at a different angle, and especially moving out of their towns to the big world. Before the pandemic, parents were supportive and wanted to see their children move to metropolitan cities studying and making a big career out of it.

But is the case same now? No.

Parents care for their children more than children do for themselves. That is why now most parents would prefer regional colleges with a safe space and social distancing instead of crowded metropolitan cities with crowds, local learning could be in vogue again.

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New Enrollments

Covid-19 has hit us at a significant time of the year with enrollments going on for the next academic session. The colleges and institutions attached to their traditional system have opted for online working too. This has brought many colleges to opt for 100% online admission process, keeping in mind the health and safety of the students. The scenario is not the same for all as it aroused confusion and chaos in the new admissions. Many were excited to be in prestigious colleges where they were accepted months ago but now will think of electing a gap year. Others are giving online entrances, virtual interviews and placements are happening virtually.

The Opening 

Days full of canteens, grounds, friends, and classes for session 2020-21 will commence on August 1 for old students and September 1 for the comers. As per the UGC guidelines, the new admission for the 2020-21 session will begin from August 1 to August 31.

They further added, “Universities may follow a six-day week pattern and devise a pro forma to record travel or stay a history of staff and students for the lockdown period”.

“Extension of six months will be granted to MPhil, Ph.D. students and viva-voice would be conducted through video conference,” UGC’s guidelines said. The faculty will aim at completing 25% of the syllabus through online teaching and the rest through classroom teaching, say the guidelines.