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How Education System Will Change Post Coronavirus Pandemic?

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How Education System Will Change Post Coronavirus Pandemic?
January 10, 2021

Change is an integral part of life. No one had ever thought that someday humankind in the 21st century will have to face a pandemic. Now, it is here and it will stay here for long, we should face reality and bring some changes for good in the existing education system. The fact is, coronavirus pandemic could be the biggest boon for the education system we have. The reformation that will take place now would have taken years to be implemented. Coronavirus pandemic will bring a paradigm shift in the traditional teaching methodologies and open new avenues for tech-based learning. So, read this post to know how education system will change post coronavirus pandemic. 

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Odd-Even Classes

With more experts saying that the pandemic is here to stay for a long time, be it school or universities, they all have to opt for odd-even classes. Since the classrooms are not going to change anytime soon, odd-even classes in the only option left to follow social distancing. It could be a daily or weekly roaster where students would be asked to come teamwise. Their syllabus would be halved and it would be more focused towards learning than spoon-feeding. 

How education system will change post coronavirus pandemic can be seen from the fact that the two-seater desk would be replaced from single seating desks. The education system will change post coronavirus with the change in existing furniture as the new one would be modular, lightweight and would be designed in a way to accommodate maximum students without avoiding social distancing measures.

More Edtech Startups

The existing education system will change post coronavirus to a great extent. The traditional methods of learning would be replaced with new, innovative and technologically based education. More than learning from school teachers, the students will rely more on the edtech companies to satiate their learning requirements. Thanks to this shift in the taste due to pandemic that more startups would come in existence with better and innovative ideas to offer engaging online classes and study material.

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Boom for Home Tuitions

Well, college students are more mature. They know what to study, how to study and when to study. But online classes seem to be a mammoth problem when it comes to the school-going students. As they are not going to attend physical classes in schools and coaching centres are not yet opening, more students and parents will turn to home tuitions. There would be proper sanitisation at home and it would be easier for both teacher and student to maintain social distancing. Hence, home tuitions would be the best possible solution to this problem. It would be almost similar to attending school and the teacher would be able to focus solely on their students, hence, preparing them for the future. This way, the education system will change post coronavirus pandemic.