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Why a Growth Mindset is Essential for Your Career?
June 23, 2021

You must have heard this very often,

A pessimist sees a glass half empty while an optimist sees it half-filled.

Do you know why this happens? Well, it is all about the right mindset. Everything you see and then perceive depends on the mindset you have. Whether you are in a job or thinking of starting a business, whether you are going to college or thinking to earn other professional certifications for a better career opportunity, a right mindset can be a complete game-changer. Today’s business environment is changing every day and to be a part of the competitive landscape it is mandatory to have a growth mindset. So, in this post from BreezingMinds, we will tell you why a growth mindset is essential for your career.

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For Successful Outcomes

We all want to be successful in life. For some, success is getting a promotion in the current job and for some, accomplishing a challenging task is a success. But, it is the growth mindset that pushes you to thrive harder and dodging the challenges to achieve your goals. A positive mindset always comes with learning new things every day. You need to look into new courses or training session that can make you equipped with new skills so that you can have the faith to climb the ladder of success with full confidence. So, a growth mindset is essential for your career.

For Higher Achievements

One of the most common mindset is, many around us think that their talent and intellect are fixed and they cannot do anything to change it. Their thought process is, they have never written anything so they can never become a writer. They have never been to a trek so they can never become a climber. But the fact is, even Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb in this first attempt. However, this kind of fixed mindset creates a bubble of negativity and misguided assumptions which puts a full stop in your success. A growth mindset is essential for your career as it makes you understand that no one started walking since birth. With learning, you can enhance your capabilities and skills over a period of time. So, you can achieve higher and be successful in life.

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To Eliminate Negativity 

Another important reason that a growth mindset is essential for your career is to eliminate negativity around you. 

The view you adopt for yourself and your life profoundly affects the way you live.  

Having this view determines if you will become a person who will strive harder to achieve your dreams or you will become a failure in life. If you train your mind to stay focused towards lifelong learning and push yourself for more, you can eliminate negativity around yourself and will become positive when in it comes to making choices. This growth mindset will help you in advancing more in the career.