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Bridge the skill gap: Early stage nurturing.
November 18, 2019

Bridge the Skill Gap with Early Stage Nurturing

Bridge the Skill Gap with Early Stage Nurturing People who say that life was easy and worry-free earlier are absolutely right, and why not, after all, the population was not much of a problem in that era. Fast forward things to 2019, India stands at second position with 1.36 billion population after China, of which,

Current hiring challenges faced by Startups in India
November 18, 2019

Current Hiring Challenges Faced by Startups in India

The concept of startups is not new in India. With a recent hike in the number of investments made by global corporate giants in the Indian startups, things are expected to reach a new pinnacle in the coming years. In spite of great outputs, the startup ecosystem has its own set of challenges, and the

Challenges in recruitment, and how HireInventiv saves you?
November 18, 2019

Challenges in Recruitment and How HireInventiv Saves You?

What are the biggest set of challenges that you being an HR professional face while hiring a candidate? Well, making hundreds of calls a day, reviewing resumes for hours and lining up interviews are to name a few pains that only a recruiter can best understand. And even after doing everything, some of the candidates