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How Technology Saves Time in Recruitment and Selection Process?

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How Technology Saves Time in Recruitment and Selection Process?
January 29, 2020

When we talk about technological advancement, most of us refer to the innovation in regards to better communication, connection, and closure. As we are coming to an end of a decade full of innovations in the IT sector, today we want to shed some light on “How technology saves time in recruitment and selection process?”. From online job portals to application tracking systems to professional networking websites, technology has profoundly revolutionised the way employers find the best talent and how jobseekers find the best companies. 

Increase Productivity

If you are an HR, you must know how much time you have to devote to filter out the best resumes out of hundreds of profiles. Even before you start making calls, you have to spend your entire day only to find a few suitable candidates that may fit for the role. Result? Loss in productive work hours. And in organisations, time is more valuable than money. 

Leveraging the best technologically-driven tools, you can utilise this time in doing things that are both productive as well as worth for the company. With the help of automation tools, recruiters can now send mass emails, share hiring-related posts on social media posts and not to mention, how it can manage and organise your database. This way, technology saves time in recruitment and selection process. 

Lesser Possibility of Incompetent Hiring

Do you know that employee turnover also adds up in the overall turnover of the organisation? Well, it does. No company wants to hire a candidate who is either incompetent or will quit anytime soon. 

To rescue recruiters from such unforeseen phases, technology has come up with application tracking systems (ATS). There are hundreds and thousands of profiles available on different online job portals. But, are all of them relevant? No. It is where technology saves time in recruitment and selection process, and play its role. It helps hiring managers by highlighting top candidates for the profile. If the profile is keyword optimised and understandable by ATS algorithms, it will reflect on top of the search. Now, instead of scrutinising all the resumes, they can now consider only the best matches. 

Help in Building Recruitment Strategies

It’s a fact that you can never make improvements in any process if you are not analysing your strategy and approach are going in the right direction or not. By employing technology in the recruitment and hiring process, you can track, measure and analyse the entire recruitment process of a candidate. This will not just help you in saving time and money but will also able to find out the practices which are not working for you. A factual figure about complete hiring cycle will let you know how good your execution is against the success rate. By incorporating this small change, technology saves time in recruitment and selection process.

How HireInventiv Can Help You?

HireInventiv is a firm based out of Noida, India and is one of those recruitment that makes the best use of technology when it comes to hiring for organisations like yours. Our unique filter engine filters the best candidates which are then interviewed by about technical panel.

So, instead of searching hundreds of profiles, we give you 20 filtered and technically sound candidates who are ready to work from the first day at your office.

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