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4 Advantages of Taking Video Interviews - Breezing Minds

Advantages of Taking Video Interviews
April 1, 2020

Someone has said this right, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” The advent of technology has impacted our lives in many different ways. Be it automation of the industrial process or connecting it with our near ones over a phone call, it has completely revolutionised we see things. So, in a time when no place has remained untouched with technology, how can we expect our hiring process to stay refrain from it. This is why video interviews have become a thing of today. The current job market is competitive and attracting the best talent has now turned into a challenging task. So, in this post from HireInventive, we will tell you about the 4 advantages of taking video interviews.

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It’s Time Saving

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

When we post a job, we get hundreds and thousands of applications, and there is nothing wrong about it. After all, we get to choose the best suit for the job. But, after making numerous calls, we often forget who was better than the other, even after making notes for all of them. One of the biggest advantages of taking video interviews is that we can record those interview calls and compare to shortlist the best one. Apart from that, it is a lot more convenient for us to check the aptitude, attitude and technical skills during the video interview rather than check all these factors in a face-to-face interview.

It’s Cost Effective

Taking interviews is not just time-consuming but also expensive. At many occasions, a candidate has to come to your office from another city just for the sake of the interview. In such cases, your company can be liable to reimburse all the expenses, including travel, food and lodging. In other situations, the member of your recruiting and technical team may have to reach to other locations to conduct the interviews. In both the scenarios, someone has to spend the money. Cost-effectiveness is another advantages of taking video interviews. Here, no one has to pay even a single penny other than internet expenses which are available at every household. Also, no one loses their productive hours as both parties can return back to their respective works as soon as the interview is over.

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It’s More Efficient

Improved efficiency is one of the best advantages of taking video interviews. How many times it happened with you being a recruiter screen a pool of candidates, filter their profiles and arrange their face-to-face, but it doesn’t see the light of the day. The number of candidates no-show is nothing new for us. We all have faced it numerous times in the past. But, the advantages of taking video interviews is, even if a candidate is busy or pretends to be busy, it costs nothing, neither anyone’s time nor money. In fact, you will be in a better position to judge if the candidate is literally serious for the job change or just trying to be lucky for the job.