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Top Hiring Challenges Faced By HR
February 26, 2020

What makes a company a successful organisation? An opulent office? No. Workplace in a high-rise building? No. A good interior? No. Then what? It’s the people who make great organisations. The probability of your company to become a well-known brand among masses lies in the fact how good you are in delivering your projects and that too in a timely manner. And this entirely depends on the workforce you have hired. You pick any of the biggest brands, be it an IT giant like Google or a food-delivery platform like Zomato, they all rely on the capacity, capabilities of their workforce. But, taking such a massive talented people on board is not an easy task. So, here are the top hiring challenges faced by HR in most workplaces.

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Fail to Retain Millennials 


Retaining millennials is one of the top hiring challenges faced by HR. This ear of digitisation and technology demands talented millennials in any organisation. Though experience matters when it comes to taking audacious decisions but it’s the millennials who are the perfect fit when to finding a perfect fit for a problem. They are not just intelligent and versatile but are also good at multi-tasking including team handling. However, it is hard for HRs to retain them. They are known as job-hoppers who loves to switch jobs time and again in the quest of better job opportunities and remuneration. 


  • Offer them a flexible work environment
  • Let them explore the other side when it comes to learning new-age technologies. 
  • Show them a practical growth ladder

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Judging Candidates Based on Experience


We all have heard of a very popular proverb, 

“Never judge a book from its cover.”

Same is the case when it comes to hiring. There is a common human tendency to judge a candidate on the basis of experience and not by knowledge. This is the reason that we have listed it in our list of top hiring challenges faced by HR. It is a thing of utmost importance for both the company as well as the HRs what actually they are looking at? They are looking for a candidate so that he or she who can work on the role assigned to them or someone who has years of experience but lack the necessary skill needed for the job.


  • Test their knowledge, not experience.
  • Look at the zeal for the job
  • Trust their knowledge and offer the job 

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Lack of Coordination Between Teams


Have you ever left a job opportunity just because there was no coordination between HRs and the hiring managers? Well, most of you have gone through to this experience at least once in your careers. That is why we have added it into our list of top hiring challenges faced by HR. It is a thing of great unprofessionalism for any organisation to call the candidate for the interview and then saying that the hiring managers are busy today. Like yours, the time of the candidate is equally important. In this case, no one can blame neither HR nor to the hiring managers, but one should blame the lack of coordination.


  • Cross-check from hiring managers about their schedule
    Call candidate for the interview after proper coordination