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Top Hiring Challenges Faced By HR
February 26, 2020

Top Hiring Challenges Faced By HR

What makes a company a successful organisation? An opulent office? No. Workplace in a high-rise building? No. A good interior? No. Then what? It’s the people who make great organisations. The probability of your company to become a well-known brand among masses lies in the fact how good you are in delivering your projects and

IT Staff Augmentation
February 19, 2020

Why IT Staff Augmentation is a Better Option than Hiring?

“Hire character. Train skill.” – Peter Schutz, Porsche What if we ask you about the biggest problem that most IT companies around the world face today? It’s scarcity of MANPOWER. In most cases, either they lack enough staff or they are struggling to the core to hire people with the right set of technical skills.

Key Working Areas of HR
February 5, 2020

Key Working Areas of Human Resource Management in a Company

What if we ask you who make your organisation stand apart from the rest of your counterparts? Who looks after the entire workforce in the company? Who makes your office life enjoyable? It’s the Human Resource (HR) Department that makes a workplace an organisation. They are the one who takes care of the most integral